Is there an API for DALL-E 2?

Just a question that is not clear to me from the documentation…

The current image generation endpoint ( uses DALL-E 1 ? or DALL-E 2 ? is there a way to specify the model in the API Call (like we do with completion or chat endpoints) ? If not is there a release date for DALL-E 2 as an API tool or will this be part of the GPT4 package ?

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The DALLE API is already using DALLE2.
DALLE1 was never publicly released.
So you should be all set already. :smiley:

Thanks, that was not clear to me.

All good then.

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Is DALL-E the same api as GPT? Or do I need to sign up for something new for DALL-E?

Dall-E API can be used with your existing GPT API-KEY but has it’s own set of endpoints documented here : OpenAI Platform