Create Image Edit With DALL-E-3?

It’s been 3 months since the DALL-E-3 text-to-image API was launched.
Is there ever going to be a “create image edit” API for DALL-E-3 ?
The DALL-E-2 model is just not nearly as robust.

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The DALLE team is still quite small. While I’ve not heard anything official, the fact they’re so quiet is maybe because they’re heads-down working on improvements… and keeping the system up with the nearly billion ChatGPT Plus users…

I’m waiting too!

What happened with the Dall-E canvas and why is it not available yet with Dall-E 3 in Chat-GPT? That shouldn’t be a big issue to add it on the sidebar or something.

I have not used Dall-E 2 create image edit.
It was excellent in the first days of its release, but I’m uncertain about it now.

Do we know if the editing feature in this article will be available for the api? [Editing your images with DALL·E | OpenAI Help Center