What happened to the CEO topic? (now: daily "who's the CEO" update)

I understand that recent events are very topical and people wish to have a space to discus them, however, betting odds on who did what and when is not a suitable topic for a developer discussion forum, neither is the current conspiracy theory of the day.

Please bear that in mind when posting.


Does this mean that everyone who conspired against Altman have now been fired from the board?

I think that’s what the public, investors, and developers wanted to have happen, which is stating the obvious at this point.

I’m not sure.

The strange part is that it’s (supposed) to be a non-profit board. AFAIK their goal is ultimately to fire the CEO if they believe they are deviating from the charter’s path. Which, they did, but without giving anybody any reason.

Like everyone would just be like :person_shrugging: and move on with their life.

There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense still. Probably never will until one of them decides to sell a book about it. Oh well. Whatever their goal was it backfired tremendously (or maybe someone’s goal succeeded tremendously… X-FILES MUSIC). Let’s hope going forward OpenAI continues their goal for AGI to benefit all of humanity

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All that has been announced is this new initial board.

The only ouster here is D’Angelo. But Toner, McCauley are absent, as is Ilya.

It’s been hinted at that there will be more board members added (something like 9 total), so we’ll see.


Calm down mate, everyone can flag posts, the moderators are just the ones who have to deal with it, don’t direct your anger towards them :laughing:


I really don’t wish to speak more on the subject, but in a direct message this moderator said that he was the one who “flagged” AND “handled” it:



“I am going through posts and removing any that are inappropriate for a developer discussion forum”

I guess this will be deleted as well but whatever, of course if it was a community member who reported it I would not care, but it was just this person

edit; supposedly it’s being handled by another moderator now, idk, considering the last 2 weeks literally nothing will surprise me right now, we’ll be happy using Azure services from now on

As I said, dealing with flagged posts are the unfortunate fate of the moderators, they aren’t the ones who made the rules, they’ll just have to apply them.

Let’s move the discussion to something more positive that’s actually appropriate.

right as opposed to just reading the posts one by one and deciding personally like that… I wish it was a community flag type situation

yes I wish the new board all the best

That’s exactly how it works :laughing:

The button is here:

To be honest I think satya nadella has been an absolute champ though all of this.

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Yeah, I don’t know why the posts got flagged.

None of it was spam, all of it was on topic, and truly - nobody really cares what randos are posting on some thread on some below the fold community forum.

And if they do care, than maybe some good points were being made?

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normally, but in this situation no community member aside from the lead moderator actually flagged it… is what I’m trying to say

edit; flagged and accepted his own flagging, without giving the normal 30 minute opportunity to edit

I wouldn’t be so sure, there like 500k users on this forum who can flag stuff, but let’s move on with the conversation.

well I mean that’s just according to himself, but ok whatever I’m happy to move on as long as the facts are not ignored

I’m happy to hear that, if you have issues with a specific moderator, it’s better to just write them a polite DM than to post in public.


You have to read the automated message carefully, it notes

You can edit your post after 30 minutes

In other words you can not edit such a post for at least 30 minutes. Think of it as a time to allow one to cool down before editing.

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hmm right, that actually makes sense. (though I still can’t edit the OP)

but still I’d rather just not be here if pointing out facts about the voting decision of a board member is; by the mod’s words akin to defamation, so I hope the “other” moderator appointed to this can set some presedence

It’s okay brother. I was silenced for a week and seem to have indefinitely lost my regular status for being “too aggressive” in a debate about why the moderation endpoint is required to be called instead of mixing it into the completions endpoint.

I didn’t see anything wrong in your post either.

I’m going to mark the OpenAI announcement as a solution so this thread can die in peace.


Just copy paste you entire post into chatGPT and ask it to “rephrase it in a polite and informal tone” and you should be ok :+1:

in the future all human communication will have an AI proxy intermediary :pray:

You’ll be back brother, I’m keeping a countdown for your return!:heart: