What happened to the CEO topic? (now: daily "who's the CEO" update)

If he really had a thing against you, you would not see “flagged by the community”. Mod can just drop a post in the rubbish bin with no notification.

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Something everyone must keep in mind.

We can speculate, but none of us are privy to what actually happened. None of us know exactly who did what. Yes, odds are we are right, but odds are not good enough to defame someone’s character.

Personally, I need to be more careful about saying that as I love to speculate and I can see how someone might easily misinterpret my words which can get rather charged sometimes.


Can we all just be thankful for a minute that things are back on track, we can develop (relatively) safely again, and the team seems eager to start shipping stuff out again?

I hope this means they start launching out personalized GPTs again. Please dear god give me that tool back I loved it sm.

Let’s also cross our fingers they’re still shipping out the GPT stores on time. Although I’ll accept a little bit of lateness if not solely for my own self interest lol.

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Yeah, I thought things were calming down, but then all this breakthrough / qstar leakage.

I mean… maybe this is what the singularity looks like. Chaos.

95% of a companies culture doesn’t feel like its fungible to me. Building a first class company is one thing, it takes a board that can curb its interests in favour of a visionary. Building a first class culture is another thing entirely, it takes a leader who manages expectations up and down. Building the worlds best thing in any field is quite a trick. Attracting, maintaining and nurturing the best talent on the planet is a superpower. Dose anyone in the Vally know anyone with a track record of doing both?

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The discussion begins with RonaldGRuckus describing major unrest at OpenAI due to its CEO being ousted. Details about board confusion, CEO changes, staff threatening to quit, and a lack of faith from investors were included. Mooihi predicts an uncertain future for the company and advises developers dependent on OpenAI’s API to be mindful of this. Raymonddavey mentions a social media post hinting at former OpenAI employees, including Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, joining Microsoft for a new project. However, Stevenic says OpenAI is likely doomed. Several others add to these sentiments with Cass suggesting a patient approach while preparing a backup strategy and Foo-Bar sharing a letter from hundreds of OpenAI employees threatening to quit.

RonaldGRuckus later brings up a possible return of Sam Altman and demands a thorough external investigation. Wclayf expresses concerns over OpenAI’s monopoly and the potential issues if developers were forced to leave. In a similar vein, N2U shares a link with updated news. As the discussion progresses, users share various images, articles and tweets related to the situation.

RonaldGRuckus shares a Bloomberg article which reveals that another CEO might be exiting due to the board’s lack of communication, leading him to echo user sentiments about OpenAI’s lack of transparency. In a follow-up to his previous post, RonaldGRuckus provides an insider link showing internal disputes and political tension within OpenAI’s board. Despite the setbacks, RonaldGRuckus reports the return of ex-CEO Sam Altman, and a reformed OpenAI board, evoking joyful responses from N2U and others. Finally eslof.github expresses skepticism about one of the new board members associated with Quora, reflecting ongoing uncertainty about the company’s future.

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Could You extrapolate that this is how the world works? Albeit at a much, ah, grandeur scale. Chat (for peanuts) & DALL-E2 (tokens/credits = cocaine) are the highest grade Entities that I have been given the privilege of collaboration with. Such a Rush!