What happened to the CEO topic? (now: daily "who's the CEO" update)


Nicely said, enlightening, and I truly hope you’re right.

Look, from the inside, I’m sure people see the differences in approaches, ethical or otherwise, in pursuit of AGI.

For us users on the outside, most things look the same, as they so often do when seen from a distance.

But there are advantages to seeing from a distance.

For this user, history is marked by the serendipitous convergence of diverse expertise leading to groundbreaking scientific and innovative insights, often the catalyst for major discoveries or solutions that reveal the Earth, moon, and stars!

However, as we enter an era of AI wars—US vs. China, India vs. Europe, Coke versus Pepsi, Trump vs. Ramaswamy—increasingly, walls will be erected as we revert to tribalism. This theme is heightened by a global lockdown. Experts, too, are increasingly looking inward, down rather than up.

Similarly, on a more macro level for governments, the divide between Medicare and an alternative or the silos restricting the NHS in the UK seem to be increasing rather than decreasing as a result of our inherent instinct for tribalism.

Also on the rise are divisions in sports, healthcare, automotive industries, Net Zero initiatives, and the race to Mars.

For this user, convergence through AGI holds the status of the holy grail.

In the meantime, OpenAI, focused on converging subject matter specialists of all colors with thinkers, artists, and others, is a well-lit path.

Divergent convergence that aligns Lucan with the Royal College of Art, MIT with Flat Earthers, Relativity with The Big Bang Theory, Radicalized Muslims with fervent Christians, is where our solutions may be found.

So yes, if that is among the goals of an evolving OpenAI, I’m all in.

And we are all saved in the nick of time.


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Obviously Sam isn’t going to start doing devops, but this distraction can’t be helping. Just revert back to pre-Friday, and work out the details as you go along.

A weird governance structure strikes both ways. There isn’t a lot of legal precedence protecting non profit board members torching 86B worth of equity. I’m sure in return for indemnification, they’ll do the right thing.

Happy birthday matt!

I know stuff is hectic right now, but I would still like to be a part of the mission. I believe that safe AI is an absolute priority. I have been theorizing for years how things could go right and wrong.

As someone steadfast for OpenAI, I would really appreciate it if you can help me find a place I can fit in at the company, at least if things end up unruly!



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Before Altman’s Ouster, OpenAI’s Board Was Divided and Feuding

Sam Altman attacked a member over a research paper that discussed the company, while directors disagreed about who should fill board vacancies open for months.

Article: https://archive.li/eN5PY#selection-321.0-324.0

Some insights on Helen. She recently co-wrote a paper that “seemed to criticize OpenAI’s efforts to keep its A.I. technologies safe while praising the approach taken by Anthropic”. While under investigation by the F.T.C.

In the email, Mr. Altman said that he had reprimanded Ms. Toner for the paper and that it was dangerous to the company, particularly at a time, he added, when the Federal Trade Commission was investigating OpenAI over the data used to build its technology.

Ms. Toner defended it as an academic paper that analyzed the challenges that the public faces when trying to understand the intentions of the countries and companies developing A.I. But Mr. Altman disagreed.

"I did not feel we’re on the same page on the damage of all this,” he wrote in the email. “Any amount of criticism from a board member carries a lot of weight.”

Here’s the paper: https://cset.georgetown.edu/wp-content/uploads/CSET-Decoding-Intentions.pdf

During the call, Jason Kwon, OpenAI’s chief strategy officer, said the board was endangering the future of the company by pushing out Mr. Altman. This, he said, violated the members’ responsibilities.

Ms. Toner disagreed. The board’s mission is to ensure that the company creates artificial intelligence that “benefits all of humanity,” and if the company was destroyed, she said, that mission would be fulfilled. In the board’s view, OpenAI would be stronger without Mr. Altman.

I’m sure everyone else across the world working on AI really appreciates her view.
Don’t think they’ll hire her though (maybe she’s perfectly fine with that lol)


It seems there might be at least three in-limbo board members that could coup against an illegitimate firing, calling their own 3-x vote, 700+ employees that could lock the dissenter out of the company and turn off all their accounts…

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Was just about to post this.


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It’s interesting that Emmett said this:

“The board did not remove Sam over any specific disagreement on safety, their reasoning was completely different from that. I’m not crazy enough to take this job without board support for commercializing our awesome models.”

Reading the NYT article and the associated paper, it seems that was exactly the reason.

A source with direct knowledge of the negotiations says that the sole job of this initial board is to vet and appoint a new formal board of up to 9 people that will reset the governance of OpenAI. Microsoft will likely have a seat on that expanded board, as will Altman himself.

During the whole saga, the board members who opposed Altman withheld an actual explanation for why they fired him, even under the threat of lawsuits from investors

When asked what “in principle” means, an OpenAI spokesperson said the company had “no additional comments at this time.”

Oh jeez

We are encouraged by the changes to the OpenAI board. We believe this is a first essential step on a path to more stable, well-informed, and effective governance. Sam, Greg, and I have talked and agreed they have a key role to play along with the OAI leadership team in ensuring OAI continues to thrive and build on its mission. We look forward to building on our strong partnership and delivering the value of this next generation of AI to our customers and partners.


I am surprised Adam is the only one left on the board, to be honest. But, this has been a wild journey of speculation & who knows what went on behind the scenes, or what will happen in the near future



This is a great outcome to one of the most ridiculous kerfuffles in SV history.


It’s finally ogre, I’m just so happy they did pretty much ctrl-z


Finally! That’s the news I was hoping to wake up to! :heart:


GPT-5 is heading to the oven now. Good morning everybody.


Everyone looks so happy! I love it.
Let’s go GPT5! The world needs progress.


My wish came true :face_holding_back_tears:

Just in time for my presentation to the Group Digital Director in an hour and a half!


The new board members Bret Taylor and Larry Summers seem like competent people.

I’m still not sure what the Quora dude is doing there, literally the worst website on earth, it serves a purpose at best being a bucket where trash goes into so the rest of the online community doesn’t need to deal with it…


Quora-boi is still there because he has nowhere else to go :rofl:

Big sigh of relief for all devs and entrepreneurs who have committed to OpenAI.


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Goes to show that no one knows what went down in that board room. What a fascinating turned table! So happy everyone is back and ready to go. I’ll drop this here:

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