What happened to the CEO topic? (now: daily "who's the CEO" update)

It’s been permanently locked by automod? Someone spamming reports?

Anyways. Looks like the deal fell through. Microsoft isn’t going to be happy.

New interim CEO (lol). This interim CEO has publicly shared his probability of doom as a result of AI, “P(Doom)” at between 5 and 50 percent.

New article describing Ilya lighting “Not-Aligned AI” Effigies on fire and supporting “Feel the AGI” chants. #TribalLife

I cannot see how any investor will want to continue doing business with OpenAI after this.

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I think it’ll take a while before things settle down. I don’t think anyone has any idea about where things are heading for OpenAI at the moment. So just chill for a bit.

Anyway, that’s the price for us developers to pay for dabbling with the cutting edge technology that we have not much control over. I would be anxious if my entire startup/product is based on OpenAI API.


No doubt. Looking at the current facts though:

  • The board are remarkably lacking (except for Ilya)
  • One of the members has products directly competing with ChatGPT and the upcoming(?) GPT marketplace
  • The lifeblood of OpenAI (MSFT) was not informed and also ignored in mediation (agreed in principle to resign, yet didn’t follow through)
  • Many staff have threatened to quit
  • Somehow has already had a second interim CEO

To me, the nail in the coffin was how horribly the board handled this. They did everything wrong.

There is nothing reliable going forward. Those who put their eggs in the OpenAI basket will be moving elsewhere. It’s a fast race, and it’s going to be a while to recover.

For me, it was a fun ride :surfing_man:


I just became a Plus member after the release of custon GPTs. This is disappointing. Oh well, I had fun playing around with them for a week.

Post from Microsoft on Twitter

“Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, together with colleagues, will be joining Microsoft to lead a new advanced AI research team”

Things change quickly in the world of AI


OpenAI is dead as a company. Full disclaimer… I work for Microsoft for 2 more weeks and then I’m retiring to start my own AI company. This is a death nail for OpenAi. They will be a foot note in history.


Pretty weird that the major thread about it has been locked through so much of this. I guess the forum has a vulnerability that a suffient group of accounts can shut down discussion

I am currently developing a tool/business based on the chatGPT API and now quite hesitant, what is the future of OpenAI, do I want to be dependent on it with my business idea? Is the momentum over?

Fired at OpenAI on Friday because “you are not telling us everything”.

Started at Microsoft on Monday because “they were already on speaking terms”.

Maybe that was the “we know what you are doing, but you’re not telling us”, as seen from the perspective of the board?

I mean, Altman and Nadella acted a little weird on stage during the Dev-weekend.

Not natural, a bit tense.

How can you jump ship and go to another so quick?

Well, that’s the end of OpenaI.

Hopefully MS will buy them, so our projects and workflows won’t be deleted.

Time to backup my backup.


If OpenAI indeed goes down, all your backups are likely not worth anything since everything contacts the API. Your code only plays fetch and does some post-processing. If another AI comes around, you can be pretty sure that the model is aligned differently and will respond differently to your request, potentially making you rewrite your entire thing.

Yeah, I mean more like my images and prompts I used to create them.

I can export the JSON with all the prompts, but I still have to figure out a way to archive this including the images it did generate.

For the API code (custom GPT / assistant) all the code I already have backuped.

Not to re-use it 100% “as is”, but as a reference.

We’ll see, I think Microsoft will kill OpenAI slowly and than buy them out. It’s all Azure, so the migration-process wouldn’t be that difficult for them…




It’s all Azure, so the migration-process wouldn’t be that difficult for them…

Well yes, OpenAI’s infrastructure is (based) on Azure and they could theoretically just just migrate it, but with the whole legal mambo-jambo that won’t be easy if I had to guess.

Let’s see. At least there are some other options if the worst happens. It’s at times like these I’m really glad there’s things like LLaMa 2 and such. If we lose everything, we at least have the option to self-host a 3.5 equivalent lol

Sam Altman has joined Microsoft.
Sacked OpenAI boss Sam Altman to join Microsoft

While this move temporarily preserves face, the continued corporate governance issues stemming from the peculiar structure of a non-profit organization having a for-profit subsidiary for fundraising purposes are likely to persist.

I would like to ask someone who knows about the future direction of OpenAI, but probably no one knows.

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Maybe it’s better to have a layer like langchain between the program and the model. Half a year ago, I found langchain quite difficult to get used to. But they are really working a lot on it. Maybe it’s not perfect. But it could still reduce the effort of transitioning.


I guess we are living in interesting times :slight_smile:

I would take a breath and stay the course. There is a lot of habit built in to many people’s daily routines with ChatGPT. And GPTs will help spread the utility as long as they are opened up to build and use for free without a ChatGPT Plus subscription. I think that will happen as model costs drop and ChatGPT will continue to grow as the default.

I agree with some comments here that is worth building a layer between your unique ai tech and OpenAI and backing up your GPT instructions as a safety measure.

Anyway, my vote is to stay the course with OpenAI.


I hope this to be true.

Throughout all of this OpenAI hasn’t said anything to anyone. Hardly even their own staff. I don’t care for the drama, just to know what the direction is going forward.

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Good bye openAI chatGPT is an amazing product unfortunately my confidence in your company has been shattered. I’m sorry this has to be my first and last post.


Actually, I use several language models, including open source, through Langchain.

Langchain is open source software and is structured to be independent of any particular proprietary service.

I believe this approach helps prevent over-dependence on specific services and minimize risk.

Using such a module may be more difficult than using a specific service, but I believe that the knowledge and experience gained in the OSS community will never be wasted!

Also one might not need to use gpt 4 when gpt 3 will do! Can add in any model you need, super useful. Langchain OG

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