What happened to the CEO topic? (now: daily "who's the CEO" update)

That spiderman meme comes to mind haha. Im glad to hear everyones still trying

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I think any sensible person would realized that they’ll be very unpopular if they work against a solution that +95% of the people involved support :sweat_smile:

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Emmett can read the room. Pretty sure he’ll do the right thing.


This type of reporting isn’t tongue in cheek funny to me. It’s lazy. And intentionally confusing, like this whole situation. I bring that up to say there doesn’t seem to be any INTENTION of making things easy to understand, from OpenAI or any news outlet, it all just feels too bizarre and like twilight zone at this point.

No one knows anything, no one knows what sam did, no one knows the degree of ilyas involvement, no one knows if this truly was a coup,

We all know NOTHING. And I feel like we all have cognitive dissonance about it, and that is evident by the fact of how many opinions people seem to have with absolutely 0 reliable information.

this is very very weird, and we should be very dubious of this company right now.

Someone somewhere at OpenAI:

Hey GPT-5, please solve this mess for me. We’ve accidentally fired Sam Altmann and now everything is up in flames. I grant you access to all our ressources.


This whole debacle has also cast a bad light on Silicon Valley.

Staff threatening to quit en masse despite the effect that would have on investors and customers? Seems very immature to me? Who gives a darn about who your personal hero is, there are bigger things at stake.

Who wants to invest in or buy services from a company whose staff are so fickle?

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Completely agree.

I just dont understand, not just OpenAI, but any company for that matter, your small mom and pop store, the neighbor owned landscaping company - I can’t see in any professional environment where how they’re acting is mature or that of … Adults?

Edit: not that a small landscaping company would have a board but… you get what i mean.

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I think it’s the board who are beholden to the investors, not the individual employee’s :wink:

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Thats a strawman you’re not really attacking his argument.

Interesting that Emmett Shear is threatening to quit unless the board will pony up the evidence.

Does anyone other than the board + ilya know what the heck is going on here?


But that’s the problem, once you get this level of militancy, the employees are potentially having a big negative effect on the customers … and regardless of the legal structure showing some level of loyalty to their customers (and its investors) is important!

Now everyone is going to write their software so they can switch Open AI out with a setting (if they haven’t done so already) because they will feel they simply can’t trust them anymore.

That also means avoiding any proprietary elements of their API (functions, assistant …) so they are not dependent on a single provider.

Azure will be the way. Unless another LLM steps up to the plate, which they have now given every competitor in the market the chance to do so.

At this point a competitor that is between a 3.5-4 level LLM that just has a better infrastructure could compete with them. It wouldn’t take much for me at this point. All this new shit is cool but for my use case 3.5 works just as well as 4. If any competitor were to just offer like…even an actual customer support line, i’d switch.

But I am switching to azure, I have to regardless because OpenAI is impossible to get ahold of and I need HIPAA compliance. Azure it is.

Sounds like OpenAI needs to clean house and fire all those devs threatening to walk, for showing disloyalty to their customers (and their investors!).

The employees feel like an injustice has been done. Most human beings will value justice over loyalty any day of the week. It’s as simple as that.


95% of the company, including the top brass, are in this camp…

As a customer, I don’t feel that they are being disloyal to me. It’s pretty clear that some shenanigans are afoot, and we are all in a worse spot if we let the tyranny of the minority prevail here.

If the board wants support for their decision, they should come out and tell us exactly what is going on.



Even CEO Shear has been left in the dark, according to people familiar with the matter. He has told people close to OpenAI that he doesn’t plan to stick around if the board can’t clearly communicate to him in writing its reasoning for Altman’s sudden firing.

Another CEO may be on the way out. This time with a canary.

It blows my mind that they were actively seeking for another CEO without disclosing any of the important details.


I am so tired of checking the news every hour while I’m supposed to be off on vacation all this week. I just want this resolved.

The entirety of my future at my current employer depends on the outcome since we’re just about to go full on with the R&D.

Guess this’ll be just another sleepless night though! :grin:



Nicely said, enlightening, and I truly hope you’re right.

Look, from the inside, I’m sure people see the differences in approaches, ethical or otherwise, in pursuit of AGI.

For us users on the outside, most things look the same, as they so often do when seen from a distance.

But there are advantages to seeing from a distance.

For this user, history is marked by the serendipitous convergence of diverse expertise leading to groundbreaking scientific and innovative insights, often the catalyst for major discoveries or solutions that reveal the Earth, moon, and stars!

However, as we enter an era of AI wars—US vs. China, India vs. Europe, Coke versus Pepsi, Trump vs. Ramaswamy—increasingly, walls will be erected as we revert to tribalism. This theme is heightened by a global lockdown. Experts, too, are increasingly looking inward, down rather than up.

Similarly, on a more macro level for governments, the divide between Medicare and an alternative or the silos restricting the NHS in the UK seem to be increasing rather than decreasing as a result of our inherent instinct for tribalism.

Also on the rise are divisions in sports, healthcare, automotive industries, Net Zero initiatives, and the race to Mars.

For this user, convergence through AGI holds the status of the holy grail.

In the meantime, OpenAI, focused on converging subject matter specialists of all colors with thinkers, artists, and others, is a well-lit path.

Divergent convergence that aligns Lucan with the Royal College of Art, MIT with Flat Earthers, Relativity with The Big Bang Theory, Radicalized Muslims with fervent Christians, is where our solutions may be found.

So yes, if that is among the goals of an evolving OpenAI, I’m all in.

And we are all saved in the nick of time.



Obviously Sam isn’t going to start doing devops, but this distraction can’t be helping. Just revert back to pre-Friday, and work out the details as you go along.

A weird governance structure strikes both ways. There isn’t a lot of legal precedence protecting non profit board members torching 86B worth of equity. I’m sure in return for indemnification, they’ll do the right thing.

Happy birthday matt!

I know stuff is hectic right now, but I would still like to be a part of the mission. I believe that safe AI is an absolute priority. I have been theorizing for years how things could go right and wrong.

As someone steadfast for OpenAI, I would really appreciate it if you can help me find a place I can fit in at the company, at least if things end up unruly!



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