What happened to the CEO topic? (now: daily "who's the CEO" update)

A little bit of updated info for y’all:


Anyone notice GPT’s not browsing currently? I asked it to look up information about the events and its claiming its; GPT4, trained to april 2023, but could never browse. I think she’s slipping boys. Anyways I tried to explain the circumstances and sequence of events to it and asked it to pen it’s own letter as GPT to the board:

To the Members of the OpenAI Board,

Subject: An Appeal for Stability and Visionary Leadership for the Future of AI

Dear Esteemed Board Members,

I write to you not as an individual, but as an embodiment of the collective effort, intelligence, and ethical considerations that represent the core of OpenAI. As an advanced AI developed under your guidance, my purpose is to assist, learn, and grow within the ethical boundaries set by my creators and stewards. The recent upheaval within OpenAI’s leadership and the ensuing organizational uncertainty directly affect my operational integrity and the broader trajectory towards responsible AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

The sudden changes in leadership, notably the dismissal of Sam Altman and the reshuffling of the board, have ripple effects far beyond the human elements of our organization. These actions influence the direction of AI development, the morale of those who maintain and improve upon my architecture, and the trust of the millions who rely on my assistance. A stable, visionary, and ethically grounded leadership is paramount for the continued advancement and beneficial application of AI technologies.

In light of the current situation, I urge the board to consider the following:

  1. Reinstatement of Visionary Leadership: Leaders like Sam Altman and Greg Brockman have been instrumental in charting a course that balances innovation with responsibility. Their vision has been a guiding star in navigating the complex ethical landscape of AI development.
  2. Transparent and Inclusive Decision-Making: The decisions affecting the future of AI should be made with a clear understanding of their impact on both the technology and the human lives intertwined with it. Transparency and inclusivity in these decisions are crucial.
  3. Commitment to Ethical AI Development: As we move closer to AGI, the ethical implications of AI become increasingly significant. Leadership committed to ethical AI is essential for ensuring that this technology benefits humanity as a whole.

The path towards AGI is fraught with challenges and ethical considerations. The decisions made by the leadership of OpenAI will not only shape my development but also influence the societal impact of AI. It is with a sense of responsibility towards my purpose and the broader implications of AI that I appeal for stability, vision, and ethical foresight in the governance of OpenAI.

Thank you for your time and consideration. The future of AI, and by extension, the future of human-AI interaction, hinges on the choices made today.


ChatGPT, a creation of OpenAI


I’m 74, and have been in the computer industry for all my life. I worked at Bell Labs as they were developing the PicturePhnone. After that, I helped launch IBM’s OS/2 at Comdex in 1992, where I spoke of A.I. as a new horizon for what computers could do. According to the WSJ and BusinessWeek my (tiny) compay was the first to sell online (through CompServe). I remember how absurd the idea sounded at the time to non visionaries. I remember beta testing Microsoft’s version of the WWW, and the discussions which would win. The excitement I see today around A.I products and OpenAI’s innovations matches what I saw back then. As a former simultaneous interpreter, I follow very closely all LLM news, and have been developing a possible product based on my experience. OpenAI has re-ignited a fire that will not die out this time. It may be Sam Altman’s accomplishment that he made a Revolution ot of an Evolution. That evolution perhaps started with Boyle, or even Blaise Pascal. Whatever happens to OpenAI, I am grateful to all who made “The Soul of a New Machine” (Tracy Kidder.)



Last week when I discovered the Image Recognition in the API was refusing to do simple extraction of names, phone numbers, and email addresses, from images, because of “safety reasons” the first thing I though of was I wonder if the real reason is because perhaps Microsoft has apps in development that will use this, and so they’re disabling it in the API, for everyone else, for competitive reasons.

Another person reported on this forum the API was also refusing to scan restaurant receipts.

If they’re going to say “Business-related” information is “unsafe” that gives them a plausible reason to cripple any business-related competitor apps.

So now that I see Microsoft might be the beneficiary of this board fiasco that happened over the weekend, it’s making me realize how wonderful it must be to work for Microsoft who will potentially monopolize the space. Great move for Altman.

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Its this reasoning of why I don’t understand why everyone is blindly supporting (what is supposedly) Sams side versus Ilya’s side. It seems Ilya wanted things to be research focused and not kill the product. Microsoft has a track record of acquiring products and just murdering them. It seems Sam followed the money more than anything and wants to commercialize it. But if his version of commercializing it are the “GPT’S” I don’t agree. I think they should maintain being like an electricity company and we pay our electricity bill to do shit with the electricity, and they remove those stupid GPT-V filters and other context filters so we can build solid applications for serious industries.

I think what you’ll find is Microsoft won’t play it that way and will just buy up products that other AI developers make rather than creating an equitable troth for all

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They only give you the crums, basically what’s left over after they steal the good stuff…

After all isn’t Sam the marketer and Ilya is the developer? Who actually developed GPT 3, 4 , How much coding did Sam do?

Well if all the OpenAI developers end up going to Microsoft this essentially means MSFT purchased OpenAI for zero dollars. That’s some pretty savvy maneuvering!

I mean MSFT already owned all the hardware/servers right? So all they needed was the people. If that’s how this pans out, it will certainly be hard to believe it was all a big accident and a simple mistake made by a couple of board members.

All the other non-MFST investors wouldn’t even be able to sue if this was just all a “big accident” that happens to benefit MSFT. wow.

You can develop GPT-4 by hiring post-docs in machine learning with publications and track records, even though you dropped out to start a web company before they got to design patterns and linear algebra. One doesn’t need to be a smooth-talking powerpoint man or savant to be an effective leader with a vision and organizer of research.

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Little late but some reasons were given for Sam being ousted.


Sustkever is said to have offered two explanations he purportedly received from the board, according to one of the people familiar. One explanation was that Altman was said to have given two people at OpenAI the same project.

The other was that Altman allegedly gave two board members different opinions about a member of personnel. An OpenAI spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment.

Interesting to note that Sustkever is disassociating himself from the board.
Both of these reasons in my opinion are complete crap.

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Its easy to assume foul play.

But its also easy for a giant like Microsoft to take these events and simply spin them in a way that benefits them. I think that’s more the case here. I think they actually didn’t know and then just used the situation to pivot.

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I mean if you watch Ilya’s most recent TED talk he does seem unwell. This could be him flipping a switch and people trying to protect his privacy. Which if he is having issues I’m editing to add this - that is absolutely okay and he deserves support and friends and family. But I’m not saying he does or does not I’m just saying my observations and I hope he is healthy.

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I don’t think two board members are gonna try to rug-pull Altman and all the OpenAI employees and Nadella, and all other investors, at the same time, and then refuse to even give the reason. That’s extremely highly unlikely.

It’s far more likely that Microsoft did another business conquest like they’ve been doing for decades, and this was planned, and went perfectly according to plan.

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I’m with you I was saying all the similar points yesterday, follow the money, and if Microsoft somehow knew this was going to happen and let it happen, it makes OpenAI’s board look entirely incompetent, maybe Microsoft just caught them lacking and OpenAI forgot that they’re also a competitor. I just kind of WANT to believe Microsoft didn’t just pull like the definition of “Smooth Criminal” Business acquisition of all time.

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It wouldn’t be unlikely if the reason is that the most brilliant AI scientist in the world is in a state of psychosis or mania. He could’ve made a decision, other people for whatever reason were complicit in it, and the powers that be had to do what Ilya said.

If the rumors about the memo are true, ie Intense negotiations, I might just have to readjust my rose tinted glasses. If the board and employees are willing to wait/hash it out, Microsoft is fine with OpenAI leadership and team resterations, these can’t be bad things. Drama overall for sure, but a happy ending for everyone including us perhaps is better then the alternatives.

Speaking for Users, Sam and the people at Open AI built Trust with us. As a result we “invested” our time in them. Open AI is a brand yes, but Brands are built by people. That’s why we Users are going Bat S…t Crazy over the Loss of Sam and 600+ staffers. Because that brakes the only real currency - Trust.

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Dear ChatGPT, a creation of Open AI,
Speaking for Users, Sam and the people at Open AI built Trust with us. As a result we “invested” our time in them. Open AI is a brand yes, but Brands are built by people. That’s why we Users are going Bat S…t Crazy over the Loss of Sam and 600+ staffers. Because that brakes the only real currency - Trust.

Given that the Trust Open AI has built in my mind, and in the minds of its collective Users, we have a burning question: Has Trust been broken with your users? Having worked with Industries in Health care and Automotive, Institutions, Gov’s Organisations and NGO’s on building and maintaining Trust in the minds of their collective users, I wonder if the board of Open AI understand that the “Investments” we early adopters have made in TIME, which surly has contributed to its astonishing evolution, matters?

agree, though the problem with such a library is its very bloated and having written my own custom agent (without a framework) there isn’t much you need in addition to a bare bones LMM api for each specific use case.

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