What happened to the CEO topic? (now: daily "who's the CEO" update)

Hopefully Llama 3 and Code Llama v2 will come out in a few months, so we can have something running locally with quality between GPT 3.4 and 4. That would be well enough for many real-world use cases.

Sam is still trying to return. The fate of OpenAI rests in 2 of remaining 3 board members.

This is getting interesting. If they hire Sam back & step down are they admitting fault? What are the legal implications?

Regardless, this has been such a dramatic couple of days that nobody (including us) deserve to go through. We need some serious investigations from external parties (not performed by the randomly hired interim CEO).

A hilarious post in the comments:

(Not to discourage Ilya signing the letter. I think it was a very bold & encouraging move that hopefully will prevent OpenAI from crashing)


The entire energy of the sama drama saga:

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GFD :skull:
This is why I love this place.

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We’ll see, but 12 minutes ago Sam tweeted this:

The “continuity of operations” seems concerning, since it implies their operations may be disrupted if nothing is done.


The phrase “playing poker with a joker and some uno cards” has never fit better as analogy to this saga lol.

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If the board resigns you bet your ass I’m making a “draw 4” joke.

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Its actually over 700 now I heard. Which is crazy, like, 90% of the company is on board. Still, their superalignment team hasnt sent many hearts I saw, like, 2/9 of them. Makes me wonder whats up rn. That, along with the statement that running the company into the ground would align with the board’s core directive… huh.

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Lol this community aint going nowhere, or rather, if we do, we’ll all be there together. Whats that phrase, “we’ll all go together when we go.”


Nothing would make me happier!
Can’t wait to join the future Microsoft AI dev community lol

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the heck kind of metric is that :joy:

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You mean we are on the Titanic, right now?


I’m curious about how this will turn out.


Where did you find the documents? This is a sentence.

I found them https://s.wsj.net/public/resources/documents/openai-letter-board-2023.pdf.

I’ve been seeing reports that now ~95% of the company has signed this petition.

So, the good news is that OpenAI will be OpenAI. It may just be under Microsoft it seems.

All because of 3 stubborn board members.


Yeah, I don’t think the board has an option to refuse here, Microsoft has a 49% stake in OpenAI, so they do have something to say too :laughing:


Coming soon: Poe-etic justice for Quora…


What’s funny to me is that a few years ago Amazon tried to get me to come over and lead the re-design of Twitch as a service. I thought about it but turned them down. To think I could have now been one of the 5 remaining employees at OpenAI :slight_smile:


I’m not too fussed about where they end up, I love what the OpenAI team has made and hope they can continue to make it together.


As an insider (for the next 2 weeks) I can tell you that the writing on the wall has always been that OpenAI would eventually end up part of Microsoft. This is a trillion dollar market to Microsoft. This just bypasses any regulatory scrutiny. My opinion. Not Microsofts.