What happened to the CEO topic? (now: daily "who's the CEO" update)

Should I expect to see all of you guys over at the Azure forums? :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure which forum exactly, but I believe that people who feel the potential of technology and have curiosity will always find each other :blush:

I think technology should exist for the benefit of all people!

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More than 500 employees of OpenAI have signed a letter saying they may quit and join Sam Altman at Microsoft unless the startup’s board resigns and reappoints the ousted CEO.

Source OpenAI Staff Threaten to Quit Unless Board Resigns | WIRED


More than 500? Wow. If that’s true then OpenAI will become a ghost town.

Seriously. I get that paths diverge. My first company was with my close friend. We had different philosophies that grew and became an issue, so eventually we agreed to split & support each other as competitors.

For OpenAI to suddenly cut the head, slash the tires, and hide behind the curtain was the most abrupt & immature option to take. To not even attempt any sort of public relation is pathetic. What the hell are they thinking. Especially in a time when so much was released and clearly needs a full team to work on.

There is no way I am going to use Assistants if OpenAI is a sitting duck. It’s not production-ready & it’s not something I can swap with other LLMs. ChatGPT is under some very tight limitations right now (is it still wait-list only for new plus subscribers?) and the GPT marketplace is in jeopardy.

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One of the biggest “whoops, my bad” in corporate history?


So a board with Altman, Brockman, and Sutskever can basically say “never happened, nobody had a majority”?


I’ll be there. But I don’t plan on leaving OAI either. I think it’ll be beneficial to learn still, as everything that MSFT is inheriting is coming from OAI. Still very worth it to work on this platform imo.

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Oh my GOD. Seriously!?!

The company has been obliterated, Ilya. You were played. Investigations need to start now.

Microsoft seems to the clear winner here. Time to move the stack to Azure and hope that Ilya will join back with Sam & Greg (pls do, we know your intentions were good) and they can have mommy and daddy to keep things under control a little better.

This has seriously been a house of cards. I sound like a parrot at this point but I can’t wait for the inevitable Netflix miniseries.

I will always follow ilya and alec. Wherever they go, i will use its apis.

Reflecting a corporate governance structure where your COMPETITOR can fire your CEO, Toner, McCauley, and D’Angelo should have a word about it, Ilya is at least trying (although it’s hilarious that he signed the letter.)

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Hopefully they can sit and laugh about in a couple weeks time.

@stevenic Congratulations on retirement! I am excited to see what your upcoming AI company accomplishes!


One must be very naive to run after one’s boss now. He’s not God Almighty, after all. In a few months, he’ll leave again because something doesn’t suit him or Microsoft. And then? He doesn’t care about the people who are following him.

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Totally. Them representing this a deployable technology for anything other than a chatbot was a bad move.

My tools are coming along nice, as the field develops eventually it should all work.



But 500 out of the 700 employees have left… is this guy gonna do it all by himself?
Did we just wake this magician up from some deep sleep in case of emergencies?

Honestly would be more useful than hopes and dreams right now.

Edit: sorry that’s 500 who have vowed to take the offer by Microsoft if they don’t reinstate Sam and replace the board, but he’s already been hired by Microsoft… so


A lot of the Open Source LLMs community (Huggingface, etc) are using the OpenAI API interface (REST HTTP interface) so that, in the event any of us OpenAI developers need it leave (due to any future overzealous censorship or alignment) we will have a smoother transitional path over to the Open Source world.

The recent shakeup at OpenAI just shows why letting one company monopolize the space would be bad. I think even Altman agrees with this opinion, so I’m not being anti OpenAI in any way whatsoever, to say this.


What the heck. I took one day off and all this happened?!?! I’m still catching up, but it seems like OpenAI just died?!

But to be fair - what other tech company of this size has done anything close to this in recent years?

The most recent like “foot in mouth” thing was Elon having to buy twitter (obviously completely different).

It’s not just the monopoly but how dangerous a monopoly truly is with this tech. Some people are making incredibly useful but serious tools with GPT and now they have to go and rework their whole backend to fit with azure because the board actually IS filled with incompetence at an unpresented level.

I’m incredibly frustrated that no one thought of us, the little guys, and we’re the ones innovating on their technology. We’re the ones giving them hundreds of dollars every month. There’s been no support, I’m just done man this company they’ve BEEN nothing but a shell for Microsoft. Just let Microsoft engulf it like it was always going to


Me: Finally finds a community of other developers who share the same interests, is full of wonderful supportive people, and provides a space where you can feel a part of something important

“Wow, this is great! I really enjoy this space and what we’re all building together!”

2 months later OpenAI commits corporate suicide

Me: “…well fuck.”


100% the same for me, but for me it took only three weeks…

The synergy here and the fact that both images (Dall-E) and code (API / GPT’s) are combined, is a big feature for me (in the forum).

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Its been a wild weekend for sure, glued to everyones reported moves trying to form some theory of what might happen next. still I can’t let go of the hopium, people are people and its still possible to work something new out. Im aware sam probably could become something like a deputy cto or whatever they have at microsoft, but who knows what kind of loopholes or concessions the two groups could work out or navigate to make this work. Like a divorce between parents except the father just buys the house literally across the street and they can still support one another for the childs sake, but also maintain some kind of positive bond. Out there analogy, but a friend of mine had that scenario play out in his life and it was nothing but wins all around.

I dont have really much to say other then I feel staying hopeful and positive is best, not necessarily wearing rose tinted glasses but leave them on bridge of your nose, so to speak.

It still serves as a great reminder to back up your work and interactions with any cloud based computing constantly, I personally try to get in the habbit of quickly doing it while interacting because i get lazy and procrastinate and then the chances of me actually doing so later dininishes.