What file types are supported by GPTs for uploading files and what are the specific file size limitations?

When creating GPTs, the first thing to do is Which files look better when uploaded? Is there any way to process my files on my local computer before uploading? Then I uploaded a very long txt file, 14MB, and after uploading it says my text is too long? What should the limit be?
What is the maximum size of an uploaded PDF file?

We are informed by the similar knowledge retrieval limitations on the API’s Assistants endpoints.

A file cannot be more than 2 million tokens. That’s around 8 million characters.

A PDF can be larger if it wastes more space on contents that cannot be extracted, but the end result is the same limitation. It is better for you to see exactly the text being placed, and then format and curate it (markdown headings are recommended, but OpenAI has never answered how chunking is done…which means it is embarrassing.)

ChatGPT help says “All common file extensions for text files, spreadsheets, presentations, and documents.”

For the informed reader, Assistants gives a listing of files and where they can be employed.


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