What does the little icon with a number next to my GPT mean?

My publicly posted GPTs have a counter next to them, what does this represent?

eg: Is it the number of times my GPT has been run? And if so, how has it been run without me sharing the link and without the GPT store being available yet? Does that mean OpenAI staff have viewed my GPT or perhaps people have managed to identify the URL. :question:

Regardless, would like confirmation of what the counter represents.


Following as I am curious as well. Would love to know data on if people are actually using a GPT

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Following this as well, no idea what the counter means lol. I thought it signified a comment on my GPT or # of views. Hopefully openai will offer more insight in the near future.

I have the same question. My GPT has a 12 number. What does it mean?