What books would you recommend for learning Machine Learning from scratch?

I haven’t ever explored machine learning and data science. Also I don’t know the further mathematics this science requiring. I only know about the basics of Python. What books would you recommend for learning that entire science? According to others, there is a good way to start with “Introducion to Linear Algebra”.

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There are some good courses e.g. on udemy and also on youtube.

Also something neatly structured like this might be a good start:


OpenAI has a GitHub site. There is a Cookbook repository.

On the readme page is

Related resources from around the web

It has more than just books. :slightly_smiling_face:


You could check out a more M/L slanted book that covers Linear Algebra, Stats, and Calculus and other useful concepts specifically for Machine Learning.

One good one that fits this category is by Deisenroth, and is FREE.

Direct PDF link:


I’m biased, but you really should try The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book in combination with asking questions to ChatGPT.

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