What are the biggest differences between gpt from the official website and the gpt API?

Hello, English is not my first language and I would like to know the structural and parameter differences between gpt from the official website and the gpt API.
My goal would be to create a more efficient conversation model for code development where gpt would be able to store more valuable information for the development that the user wants during the conversation. Whereas, after a certain number of requests and responses, gpt starts to ignore what was decided before.

That’s a good question and one I could answer.

ChatGPT, which is at chat.openai.com and the official mobile app, is designed as a consumer end product.

It is ready to use for anyone with a phone number in a supported country.

You can upgrade to a smarter AI and more features for $20/month subscription.

OpenAI API is an Application Programming Interface. It is oriented towards developers that want to make their own products on their customer-facing portal. It can also be used by your own programs to interact with AI models.

Other models are available via API besides just “Talk to an AI”, such as ones that allow searching a database, doing voice recognition, creating images.

API usage is billed by the actual data use, the amount of language that goes in and comes out.

What is the difference between the AI that you get at ChatGPT and the AI that can be programmed via API?

The AI is essentially the same. However, ChatGPT has everything implemented to turn it into an end-user product. It can remember conversations, and lets you edit those conversations. It manages user accounts and subscriptions. It lets you give feedback for improving the language training of AI. All things a developer of API products must do themselves.

Let me know what else I might be able to answer!

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