Website made with Codex, presents historical temperature data as a graph

I gave Codex the following prompt:

/* HTML, CSS and Javascript /
The following is a application written using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
It gets the longitude and latitude of a cityname the user enters in an input from openstreetmaps API
It gets the historical daily max temperature (temperature_2m_max) from the open-meteo API
It presents the temperature data it recieves in a graph with the Three.js library
It uses CSS Grid for the layout.

Already here I messed up kinda, as threejs is useless for this. Luckily the program understood this and used something else.

I had to help it a little bit with the urls for the calls, and for sorting the data, but besides that its all straight from the output.

Anyway. The link to the running site is here, most cities work: Document

And the code is here: GitHub - christ-offer/openai-codex-tempgraph: A program written by OpenAI Codex with minimal input after original prompt


that’s interesting man!

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