Codex build the basic nodeJs app and MY learnings

The whole code of this file is written By OpenAI’s Codex and I just change some basic logic but mostly it was written by Codex itself if I rate this out of 10 then it would be 8/10


here the link for playground


well what I learn, Just want to share with you guys let me know if you guys also find something similar.

yesterday I try to build the whole google calendar API things with codex without knowing the basics behind it “most common variables names people used to build particular code”. And results were not so helpful.

But when I learn some basics behind how to implement similar stuff results were so quite impressive.

so I came to the conclusion “you must have some basic or intermediate knowledge behind the language framework you are using and expect CODEX to generate it for you”


my comment is for those who already have some coding background.

LOL may be your grandma had no coding background :thinking::joy: