Using Real World Data - Possible?

Is there a way to provide a prompt

‘What is the average price of bitcoin over the last 30 days’

And get back a real-world answer?

Right now I get answer based on data from ~2019.



Understand. I do have codex and was trying to achieve this by telling it to get the price from yahoo BTC/USD URL but couldn’t get it working.

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Thanks that is pretty cool. Do you have some sample code on how to get started with using codex in collab? Using the javascript playground so far and its limited as it doesnt produce this exact response.

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you can probably quite easily create a live bitcoin price ticker with codex using a REST api

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of course you could do that but that would be a bit harder. trading bots already exist on some defi platforms. (and yea idk about the rules re gambling)

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I used the javacscript playground and exported it to jsfiddle to import chart.js to make a chart that gives you something similar in look and feel.

In fact using the keywords * plot the prices * in the instruction tells OpenAI to write JS code for new chart but you need a chart library to render to a canvas element to render the chart data.