How to create better preformance in

I am using In DALL-E to create images. In general, I create three-panel images, and there is a scene from a sequence in each panel. I need the result to follow my instructions.
It happens to me often that the basic image is quite good, but when I try to edit it a little bit, DALL-E does not do what I ask, and I do not know how to force him. I spend a lot of time on useless back-and-forth. My strategy is to use the edit tool and give instructions, add an example of what I want to change, specify instructions in the same response, and give feedback on the results…
I attached an example.

My prompt:

Creates a triple panel with three pictures of the same woman on a white background. In the first, the woman takes off her earrings. In the second, she washes her face. In the third, and dries them with a towel. 3D cartoon style with different expressions in each panel

After reasonable back-and-forth iteration, I got the following image:

My problem with this image is that in the first image, it is not clear she takes off the earing, so I uploaded an example of the required position,
used the edit tool, and added the prompt: "Use this example to change the first image in the panel. "
This was not working, so I tried to give a prompt that illustrated the hand position, and still nothing happened.

I would appreciate any advice:
How do you make it follow the prompt? When do you stop trying? Do you use other AI tools that can do this task better?


I personally have never used Dall-E to create images, but I understand what is happening, and it can be frustrating. What you can do is to try to be more specific with your prompt, or you can try other image generators that can be better at things like this.

You can try this for the prompt:
Create a triple panel with three pictures of the same woman on a white background. In the first, have the woman take off her earrings, In the second, have the woman washing her face with water. In the third, have her dry her face with a towel or a rag.
Please make sure that the images are clear, and that you follow the instructions I have given you clearly.

Using this kind of prompt might help, or it might not, Try to experiment with different prompts. Sometime you have to speak kindly, and be positive, which can work. Or other times you might have to be more specific. If this doesn’t work than you can try to find a different AI Image Generator that creates better images.

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