Voice to text microphone button on web browser in desktop

I am a plus user and in GPT 4o mode, however I do not see the microphone button to be able to use voice to text feature when I am on my MacBook on a web browser. I did some troubleshooting with chat gpt (I use Chrome by the way), like ensuring microphone permission setting is set to ‘allow’, clearing cache and cookie memory, etc. I’m not sure if there are accessibility settings on my computer itself or if everyone else sees the microphone button on their computer or what? It would be helpful not to have to type so much. I guess in the meantime I could actually use a computer diction accessibility mode feature but it would be nice to just access what is in chat gpt as I’m unable to download the desktop app still despite being a Plus member

Ever since the update a day after, the speaker icon :speaker: stopped using the voice to read it back to you in the desktop shortcut to the chrome site of chatgpt 4, the option for 3.5 disappeared, and there are intermintent network :globe_with_meridians: issuses with the magic button on android. And like you are sharing the microphone :microphone: goes in an out. Window 10, chrome, android. Hopefully the fixes will be addressed soon.