Video2AI - Whisper + ChatGPT chat with any video


With you can make a blog post, summarize, extract information, or ask anything to a video in any language.

  • Ask me to write an article
  • Ask me to explain the video
  • Analyse the tone, the feeling, etc…
  • Ask if a particular word is said
  • Ask who is in the video

The possibilities are endless…

What do you think?

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It’s a brilliant idea but noticing some typos and inconsistencies on your homepage. I also think the results page could be a little cleaner and clearer.

I have to ask: it seems like your site design is almost identical to ChatPDF and your functionality seems to mirror SkipVid.AI which are the first two projects here: 35+ ChatGPT Projects Worth Checking Out – The Daily Net

Is that just a coincidence?

Hi robj, and thank you for your feedback.

I am not a native English speaker, but I will do my best to improve any typos and make it clearer and more concise.

I wasn’t aware of SkipVid.AI, but from what I can see, its primary function is to extract key points from videos. With Video2AI, you can ask anything about a video. Although it’s another chat application, it’s possible that it may be similar to others, but I will strive to create a more distinctive design.

It works really well! Nice work on it.

At first I thought “Start Chatting” was a type since I thought the main purpose was to summarize the video and not chat with it.

“Video lenght” is a type (should be Video length).

It looks like you’re a WordPress SEO but this particular site isn’t WordPress based, is it? Have you done any ChatGPT things with WordPress?

Keep up the good work!

Brilliant idea.

I used it on one of my cooking videos and was really surprised by the speed of the analysis, as well as the output on the sentiment/tone analysis.

Great work !

Thank you so much!

It is built with PHP + Javascript and I have not yet developed anything with chatgpt and wordpress.

Thank you so much!

Yes, it is surprising how well I understand and synthesise the content of the video.

This is an awesome software. I tried it out, but it seems to keep giving me error messages.

Hi 0xpoap.

Thanks for your feedback, will take a look into this.

I was just working in something very similar for my own YouTube videos.

Well done on getting something shipped.