Help Needed: Building an AI-Based Real-Time YouTube Video Analysis System

Hi everyone,

I have an idea for a project that I think could be really cool and useful. The goal is to create a system that uses GPT-3/4 to watch, transcribe, and analyze YouTube videos in real-time. This would be especially handy for keeping up with live news and other important video content.

What I’m Thinking:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: The system continuously watches YouTube videos.
  • Transcription: Converts the audio from videos to text using speech-to-text services.
  • NLP Analysis: Uses GPT-3/4 to summarize and analyze the transcribed text.
  • User Interface: A simple platform where users can ask questions and get feedback.

Why This is Useful:

  • Quickly get summaries and key points from videos.
  • Stay updated with live news and other timely content.
  • Great for news agencies, content creators, and educators.

What I Need:

  • Developers/Engineers: For backend and frontend development, API integration, and cloud services.
  • AI/ML Experts: For NLP, speech-to-text tech, and GPT model fine-tuning.
  • Any Feedback: Suggestions, advice, or resources to help make this happen.

If you’re interested in helping out or have any tips, please let me know!


Welcome to the Community!

Thanks for sharing your idea. Having implemented an end-to-end automated news tracking platform for a niche domain I am working in, I have a couple of thoughts on this. This is purely my personal opinion, so please take it with a grain of salt.

I generally don’t see the conversion of Youtube content as the most efficient and cost-friendly way to source information/news. In particular, in many cases a Youtube video is not the primary source of news but the video creators likely rely on other sources of information themselves. With that in mind I would likely focus more on identifying the primary information source, such as websites, and then use this as a basis for news tracking and the subsequent summarization and analysis.

Furthermore, I would bear in mind that “news” is a very broad concept and you should at least in the initial phase identify a particular category / domain of news or geography that you want to focus on. Ideally it is an area that you have particular expertise in and/or an area where a similar service is currently not available. Expertise is also particularly important when it comes to the news analysis as you want to ensure a tailored approach.

Overall, technically your idea is absolutely doable. However, as per my other comments, I would re-evaluate whether Youtube videos are really the best source of information as well as encourage you to identify a niche where such a service is not yet (widely) available and where you have particular expertise in.


Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate your insights.

I understand that YouTube might not be the most efficient or cost-effective way to source news, as many videos indeed draw from other primary sources. However, I believe there are several compelling reasons to focus on YouTube content:

  1. Rich Multimedia Content: YouTube videos often combine visuals, audio, and text, providing a rich source of information that goes beyond what’s available in text-based articles alone.
  2. Real-Time Updates: Many news channels and content creators on YouTube provide live updates and real-time information, which can be invaluable for staying current with ongoing events.
  3. Public Sentiment and Commentary: YouTube comments and interactions provide an additional layer of public sentiment and immediate feedback that can be analyzed for trends and opinions.
  4. Accessibility: Videos are a popular medium for consuming information, especially for people who prefer watching over reading. By transcribing and summarizing video content, we can make this information more accessible to a wider audience.
  5. Supplementary to Text Sources: While primary text sources are crucial, video content can supplement these by providing different perspectives, interviews, and visual context that text articles might not capture.
  6. Niche Content: There are many niche content creators on YouTube who cover specialized topics that may not be covered by mainstream news outlets. This can provide unique insights and information that might otherwise be missed.
  7. Enhanced Analysis with GPT: GPT-3/4 has vast learning capabilities and can integrate information from multiple sources, including YouTube, to provide better analysis and more comprehensive answers. For example, during significant events or breaking news, detailed discussions, interviews, and real-time updates are often available on YouTube, which can be crucial for a thorough understanding of the topic. By including YouTube content in its search capabilities, GPT can study and analyze these diverse inputs to offer more informed and accurate responses.
  8. Future Potential: As video content continues to grow in popularity, having a robust system to analyze and summarize this content will become increasingly valuable.

I appreciate your point about focusing on a specific category or domain initially. I plan to narrow down the scope to a particular type of news or a specific geographic region to start with, which aligns with your advice on leveraging expertise and ensuring a tailored approach.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback. I’m excited about the potential of this project and look forward to any further suggestions or insights you might have.

Good luck with the project!

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I’ve PM’d you with something you might find interesting.

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