Avatarized myself 🤖

Warning: this is for entertainment :slight_smile: I worked with Syntheisa, GPT-3, and Descript to create my own avatar that engages in an AI-themed dialogue. This is a fun first video, and more to come!


Wow this looks amazing. Zero uncanny valley vibes. Well done!

Would it be possible to put the avatars in “default listening mode” while the other one is speaking? In that way it could seem like they are actually listening.

Very interested to see the next steps in your research.

EDIT: on your linkedin you mention the script was created “on first try” with GPT3. Just out of curiosity: why would you not edit some of the dialogue? Do you feel like you don’t want to filter out the awkwardness to keep a certain AI-aesthetic?


Funny and informative! Thanks for the content, I’m a fan!

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Beautiful and the most important creative!

Love to see more of this inspiring stuff! :ok_hand::pray:

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Thank you! :heart: For now the listening passive mode is unfortunately not supported with Synthesia avatars, but I will share the feedback, cause I had the very same thought while editing.

“why would you not edit some of the dialogue? Do you feel like you don’t want to filter out the awkwardness to keep a certain AI-aesthetic?”

Great question, thank you :slight_smile: It was actually a combination of 1. wanting to keep the AI aesthetic and kind of staying true to what it can do, but also 2. there was simply no need for that. There were moments where I feel like GPT-3 simply changed the subject of the conversation without answering my question or answered it in an illogical way, but it did it so skillfully that you can hardly tell. A human that would like to pretend he/she understands me or trying to evade a particular question could do the same :slight_smile: Overall, it really speaks to the power of GPT-3 when it is possible to generate such a coherent dialogue without me getting annoyed enough to change anything about it!

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Thank youuu, so happy and flattered :blush: :heart:

Thank you :heart: I am planning to do more experiments, releasing another one soon, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

This is amazing work!

Was it wierd watching the avatar of your AI self speaking?

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Thank you, Brian! It wasn’t weird at all oddly. Perhaps this is because I am used to editing videos of myself, so it is not weird to look at something that can mimic it well. :slight_smile: I got super excited instead. This is another great tool for creating narratives.

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Hi ,im looking to make my avatar for myself connected to GPT 3 ,can you make i video how to do that? And can you give us some tricks and tips for that. thank you

Very nice work! Thank you for sharing.

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Very well done. I myself have conversed with GPT-3 about numerous topics - it appears to be quite “knowledgable” in the areas of technology, especially AI. It also likes to hold forth on cryptocurrency topics. That may be a good topic with which to engage your avatar.

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Really neat! I’m sorry this is off topic but how are you getting such long form answers? I’ve tried so many prompts and constantly receive 5 word answers.

Great work! You have inspired me to do one myself. Mind if I reach out to you for your expertise and guidance along the way?

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This is exciting! I wonder if you could detect (or simply script) emotion. The neutral faces and tone make it seem robotic, especially the parts where they wouldn’t be smiling. The technology has been around for decades, at least in speech synthesis, but it might not be built into the tools.

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As much as I can help!

Check your Response length setting.

It would be amazing to have more emotional repertoire for these avatars :heart:

Next experiment: a fully-fledged YT video about new Codex uses starring my avatar :slight_smile: It’s doing quite well!