Use GPTs API - Interact with custom chat through API

is there the possibility to access a custom GPT chat created trough GPTs using the API?
For example I have created and instructed a chat named “ImageDescriptionChat” in order to return a JSON describing an image. I would like to be able to “talk” with this chat trough API.
Is this possible?
I also need the possibility to send an image to this chat trough API

Not at the moment, but you can recreate your custom GPT as an assistant, it will work basically the same :laughing:

Thanks @N2U . Do you have any documentation link in order to recreate my custom GPT as an assistant? And, will it accept image as input?

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You’re welcome :hugs:
The whole thing is still quite new, so I don’t have a handy guide ready, but if you head over to:

And click the “create assistant” button, then you’ll find the same input fields as in the “configure your GPT”, from that onwards it’s just copy & paste.

The vision features will only be available if you have access to the vision API, it’s still being rolled out, so you’ll have to check for yourself.

It looks like gpt-vision-preview is not listed as model for assistant