Using [Text from: ] with an Amazon URL returns info about any random Amazon product, not the one featured in the URL

I’m attempting to have ChatGPT-4 look at live Amazon URLs for a variety of things, but it’s not working. I don’t yet have the browsing plugin enabled, but based on their documentation “[Text from: URL]” should have ChatGPT-4 look at the content on that page to provide the response.

When providing ChatGPT-4 with a prompt such as:

[Text from:]

Please provide a summary about this product.

The response isn’t about the product that’s actually featured on that URL. It’s about a random Amazon product every single time.

If I change the URL in the prompt to a longer URL that Amazon tends to use when doing a product search it will give me more relevant information, but through my testing I’ve figured out that the response is entirely generated off of the words used in that URL, not the actual content on the page for the URL.

For example, if I do the same prompt, but change the Amazon URL to this:

Then the response will be about a Super Mario video game, not actually about the product within that URL. That URL will work on Amazon and will still send a user to the proper product. The words between “amazon dot com/” and “/dp/B07GBFN4V7” are mostly irrelevant and can be changed to anything. It won’t actually affect the landing page for the URL.

It looks like ChatGPT-4 isn’t actually looking at the content on the URL like it says they do. It is looking at the URL only for contextual clues about what the content on that URL actually is and then is providing the response based on that.

Is there a way to fix this?

I’ve looked into this further and it looks like the [text from:] prompt doesn’t work whatsoever. It doesn’t mention that it’s going to be released in the future or that it’s dependent upon Browsing access.

Any idea if / when this will actually be available to be used with the chat UI or via API?

No, I entered your link, and the information he returned was accurate, about this basketball. I’m using gpt4 to connect to bing. Are you running version 3.5