Browsing for Assistant (GPT 4)

I am trying to prompt my assistant to read a link and it doesn’t work, however, GPT 4 Chat UI does read links live. Is this a known issue and if so, when is the fix intended to be released?

The “fix” is for you to write a tool function the assistant (or normal chat AI) can call which offers the browse features, starting from some API search engine where it can AI ground itself on what info is on the web, and then begin loading other web pages until the AI can answer user questions with what it thinks is the answer.

That’s all stuff for you to code like other functions you’d write - with the advantage that you can do it better than “Bing”, and control how long the data hunt goes.

The web browsing you do from your own server also doesn’t have to follow OpenAI’s rules of engagement: announcement of what it is by user-agent and turning down sites based on a robots.txt.

Thanks. I don’t know how to do this. I am simply using Zapier to call on my assistant to read specific links and summarise the articles. Again, this works on the Chat UI but not via the Assistant/API…

It works because in assistants, you can enable “retrieval”, “code interpreter”, or add your own functions that you handle in your own code.

Like other AI API models, an assistant still can’t access the internet unless you provide that by that function you’ve implemented, whether to find out the tide tables, the weather, or what’s happening in the news when it and the user wants to know.

Most developers won’t want an AI that can search the internet for competitor’s price lists…