Pull data using ChatGPT (Forgive me, I'm new at this!)

Hey everyone,

I’m seeing a lot of ‘workarounds’ with ChatGPT functions-for example, being able to get ChatGPT to put something in a table using specific prompts.

One thing I was trying to do, using the playground, was create a program that pulled numbers from a table upon request. So, I provided a link to some drug overdose statistics, and asked it to give me the data for overdoses for Texas. It provided a random number, which makes sense.

My question was: is there any way to use ChatGPT, or create an AI model on the Playground, which will directly interface with data?


Most probably the Code Interpreter model could handle that, but it is not a public release and there is no waitlist for it, other than that… it’s tough to embed data like that and get any kind of meaningful result from it, if the data is small enough you could try providing the 16k token GPT3.5 model with a CSV text representation of the data in the prompt…

If you want it to read links, you’d have to enable web browsing. I believe it’s only open to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, though.

It’s a little hidden. You’d have to enable it in the setting.

Note that it still makes a lot of mistakes and may have trouble with data. If you want to test it out with some data before subscribing, feel free to drop me a DM with the link and what you want to do with it.