Using GPTBuilder : Network Errors


I am building some GPTs trough the new features and I am facing an issue :

  • It does some researches about a given subject on 1-3 websites and gather informations (I tried to give it a CSV aswell to get more information available)
  • It then writes the information down in a 400-500 words text (including a table and some lists)
  • It does generate an image for the subject

I do not understand why, but I got Network error about each time I am using it.

  1. Is the answer too long and ChatGPT can’t handle it ? It is about 400-500words in lenght. My network is OK, I tried to use a browser without extensions, no change.
  2. Is the prompt too heavy ? It is 450 words prompt, quite short.
  3. Any other issue ?

Do you have some insights about this ?

Thanks a lot,