I keep getting Network errors in ChatGPT 4

I seem to constantly get network errors. For the past weeks it has almost reached the point where ChatGPT becomes useless. In some cases I have had to press regenerate 4 times just to get a single complete result.
When can I expect ChatGPT to become stable again?


I just got two more network errors in a row this morning. Very annoying.

Going by views/activity on these forums, it seems like we’re wasting our time reporting about it here. It’s slightly cathartic at least.

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Basically, getting a network error every 5 to 15 minutes. Network errors should try to automatically “continue” the chat. I shouldn’t have to waste a response typing in continue.


I can also confirm this Bug and this is making chatGPT 4 almost useless. At some point when generating code (in my cases) it gives a network error and even on retries, the network error persists. But if you log out and log in it shows as a complete response. It’s a huge bug that needs to be fixed ASAP.


You are lucky, it took me 7 times to get a 200-300 words respond this morning :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I’m experiencing the same here, it’s been such a struggle to just get one full response today. I don’t know if it has to do with the prompt that i’m running; im requesting a bunch of translations for my app’s UI. Interestingly, while the response in the browser (chrome) just freezes after a while (and ultimately displays a network error), when I look at the same thread in my iOS chatGPT app, the full response is actually there.

Therefore i’m pretty sure this is an issue with the web app. After repeated clicks on “regenerate response”, and trying to refresh the page, I sometimes have to clear my browser data just to be able to visit the site again. Everything freezes and it stops loading. Maybe I will try Firefox later. :man_shrugging:

// update: today, the same requests go through in webapp with no problems. Let’s see how long it stays that way!
// update 2: a few hours later, we’re back at network errors. Webapp in browser fails, but i can go into the mobile app and get the full response.