Chat Gpt gives 'Network Error'

The chat gpt sometimes gives ‘network error’ when typing long things is there way for me to get through this or can you guys fix it?


I am getting the same issue. When I ask ChatGPT to add a graph to this code, it reaches 90% and gives a network error every time.

Sub CalculateProcessCapability()

'Declare variables
Dim data As Variant
Dim mean As Double
Dim standardDeviation As Double
Dim USL As Double
Dim LSL As Double
Dim cpk As Double
Dim assessment As String

'Prompt user to select data
data = Application.InputBox( _
prompt:=“Select the data to be used for the calculation:”, _

'Prompt user to input specification limits
USL = Application.InputBox( _
prompt:=“Enter the upper specification limit:”, _
LSL = Application.InputBox( _
prompt:=“Enter the lower specification limit:”, _

'Calculate the mean of the data
mean = WorksheetFunction.Average(data)

'Calculate the standard deviation of the data
standardDeviation = WorksheetFunction.StDev(data)

'Calculate the CPK
cpk = WorksheetFunction.Min(USL - mean, mean - LSL) / (3 * standardDeviation)

'Assess the CPK value
If cpk >= 1.33 Then
assessment = “OK”
ElseIf cpk >= 1.2 Then
assessment = “Borderline”
ElseIf cpk < 1 Then
assessment = “Process not capable”
assessment = “Unacceptable”
End If

'Display the CPK and assessment
MsgBox "The CPK is: " & cpk & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & "Assessment: " & assessment

End Sub

Add a graph to this code. or anything similar.


Also getting “Network Error” after about 90% of the answer.

Now im getting “Too many requests, please slow down” after sending 2 requests

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Same. Got this error 5 times today.

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Same thing here. Got the network error too please fix!


I am having the same issue. I can usually get short responses, but anything over 3 or 4 paragraphs I get ‘Network Error’

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Im having the same issue

Same here. Error in long answers

Same error, last 2 days can’t use ChatGPT

Same here. Got it few times today.

“Create merge sort algorithm for c# using single function” he finished it but quit her answer followed by the error message. It must be that due to the number of requests, perhaps there is a lack of ram on the servers to solve the problem.

Same here. It seems like an impossible challenge to receive a long answer - ai is just get stuck in the middle. No matter how many times you try.

I am getting this issue today as well. I’ve asked it to write a script for a presentation and it keeps stopping before finishing. I have been able to say "Complete the above response starting with ‘this sentence’ " and it gets a little further but still stops short.

i’ve been getting this error aswell

Me too. See Galois groups forum for a screenshot

OpenAi sometimes crashes here is a link to the status of the site: “

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After GPTs released, this issue become more frequent