Keep Getting "network error" while it answers perfectly well

At some point while using GPT-4, I would get a “network error”, and after that, the error would continue to occur even after regenerating and resubmitting. Re-logging in doesn’t help either, and the only solution I’ve found is to start a new chat and repeat the conversation unnecessarily.

What’s strange is that GPT-4’s answer seems to be complete, and if so, it should be my turn, but after a short lag, the network error appears. The same thing happened when I was using it 12 hours ago, so any quick action would be appreciated.

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I’ve been having this exact same issue. In my case, one possible reason for this error is that the chat thread has been going on for a really long time and it now simply gets overloaded. could it be that there is a limited number of tokens or sth allocated to a single thread for the amount of interactions you can have?