Using GPT-3 To Generate Music, Need Some Guidance

Do androids dream of electric beats?

I’m sure I could do this on my own with normal ML techniques and training my own NLP model from scratch, but I want to see if GPT-3 can do it first.

The idea is that because MIDI files are well-structured and have a lot of descriptive metadata in it, it should theoretically be rather straight forward to use C to read the binary and convert it to a human-readable text format with a metadata header and then lines of descriptive text for each note. In that case, it is a NLP problem to get an AI to understand the text file, and then output one of its own similar to the original with metadata and a few notes as a prompt. It should then theoretically be able to produce music based on the topic, and that text file is then converted back into MIDI then played.

How would I go about doing this using GPT-3 or is it better for me to do this on my own with pure Python to train the models, without the help of any API?


This is interesting, would love to know more :slight_smile:


Can AI make music we dont know. New genre of new times.
Musik with noter and scale we never heard.
Music is absolut feelings and lyrjc and poetry.

Maybe make new instrument and than new Music.

Sametinget have to be done. Human forget what music is abort, and need to be fixad for next generationen.

Im old DJ, and I know .
Adhd and ASPBERGER is my secret