Music Research completion with AI Music

I have a music research, that created a new musical scale of 9 new notes, it has different steps and octaves than the current known musical scale of 9 octaves and 7 notes.
I thought of using MUSIC AI to allow AI to create a melody/song from the scale that allows me to finish the research, I’m not a composer myself, that is why i thought of using MUSIC AI to generate the melody for me.
I looked around the forum, It is my first day, Didn’t know where to start learning about AI subject and music, also I know Kotlin language only for now.

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Well, GPT is a language model. It has read notes, but it probably won’t be very good at creating them. You can see some meme videos on people who tried composing with it. There’s probably other AI types suited for this, like MusicLM

thank you…
I will check it for sure, at the moment I’m trying Chat GPT to teach it about my research and compose something based on the details it learned. lets see…

It seems that both options aren’t helpful for me right now…
is there a way to customize the API of MuseNet to a different music scale?