Anyone else using ChatGPT to make music?

Got ChatGPT to write some midi music. Sample attached. I used another ChatGPT prompt to create the computer generated voice in python and compiled the track.


Interesting idea :crazy_face:. As soon as it starts singing, I’ll join in :slight_smile:


You are a GENIUS! :smile:MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! ChatGPT told me to write a MusicXML file that I uploaded to

Prompt: Sinsy is an HMM/DNN-based singing voice synthesis system. You can generate a singing voice sample by uploading the musical score (MusicXML) to this website. Write the MusicXML file to sing a song, I love rock and roll!


I remember someone using it to play chess, but the performance is far below the ability of an average human chess player and far, far, far below of an actual specialist chess AI like Stockfish.

I mean it really just depends on what it’s trained on. It writes poems and books well because it has lots of that in the training data, but it doesn’t quite have a lot of high quality music. It’ll probably spot certain patterns.

I do use a trick when writing poetry, which is to give it a sample of the poems I like, and it’ll write it to that style. Maybe if you give it certain forms of music that you want it to sound like, it could get inspiration off those.

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