Can GPTs be the future table top game utility?

So I asked myself like many other I am sure. Can this tech take place of a player for rpgs like D&D and card games like magic the gathering? I have messed with something’s on the gpt store. I have made a choose your own adventure one called Journey Guide which has multiple genres, the ability to have the story told by the hero or villain role, and DALL-E to make images to enhance the experience.

For the tcg one I made Card Mystic which can play a vast array of tcgs with the user to test decks and strategies. It can give tips on how to tailor decks, and give prices of cards.

What is everyone’s thoughts?

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Everything is possible, and it is interesting, in my case in my tests I have played chess games with the AI, sending photos, she sees my game and says what is her next move.

Here’s a free website I created for tabletop RPG random encounters that uses LLM content…

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