Use vpn can't access openAI

Dear Sir, I am an API caller from China. Since the advent of the chatgpt, chatgpt fast response speed and clever answers have shown an amazing high degree of artificial intelligence, which really shocked and admired us deeply. Please allow me to express my deep gratitude and admiration for your unremitting efforts here. The remarkable achievement will be widely used in various fields in the near future, and the application of AI technology will usher in explosive growth. Chinese programmers hope to join the trend of this of change, contribute our a little bit of power, and use AI to make human life better. But now I have been rejected many times for using VPN to access openAI. This makes me feel very sad, and 40% of the developers studying openAI who are from Asia. The spread of science and technology should not be blocked by politics between governments. I am not using chinese IP (this IP is not fixed) and number. In order to pass the application, I am still using Google account. If this person lives in China, he is using chinese Internet, then it will be a tedious and complicated thing to realize the above steps. What I want to say about this is that many Chinese people have a great interest in ChatGPT and great AI technology, even if there are great obstacles. We hope that AI technology can better serve the world. What we need is our cooperation and communication, not opposition and obstruction. I hope the esteemed researchers can change their strategy of denying access and make him less strict.Wish you a happy life and good health.

I guess it depends what vpn service providers you have.
If you need to develop some apps, You may need to rent a server from godaddy

thank you,bro,I will read it.try it,hope it’s useful.

thank you,bro,I will read it and try it,hope it’s useful.

yeah,thank you everyone,fixed IP is useful,I can access chat-gpt.It’s great!!!

Dear Ms mastronefirst,

May i know how can you fix this issue?
Because i can 't access,
but i can access OpenAI API,
my location is Hong Kong and i’m using VPN connection, thank you.

Brgds/Brandon Chau

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