The server always respons -4039 error code, when I request the OpenAI API

When I request the OpenAI API in the server developed by NodeJS, I always get an error showing that the request timed out, and the error code is -4039.
I am from Shanghai, API called through VPN,
How can I solve this problem?

because you in china or you used vpn,or you have both!Congratulations!

i guess so, China is known to be a strict nation. They tend to block many stuff for their people. Hopefully this would help.

Chinese officials will do it but they are usually not so quick about this kind of thing.
I think openai opened cloudflare’s firewall to resist Chinese ip and vpn access.

@ axing4735
Thanks, to be honest, I have doubts about this too, probably I have to give up…

@ keekian
Thank you, I think I should deploy an overseas server to experience OpenAI.