Chat GPT for Google Docs, Gmail, Sheets and Slides

Hello everyone,

We have deeply integrated the GPT API into Google Docs™, Gmail™, Sheets™ and Slides™, and gone through multiple iterations. Just want to share it here in this community.

You could check it out and install here WorkGPT: GPT for Google Workspace

And a quick demo, WorkGPT Demo and our Website

You could use it to write emails and generate email replies in Gmail, or polish and improve your contents, e.g. fix grammar and spelling, improve writing and rewrite, continue writing, expand the contents and make longer etc.

Furthermore, it supports creating slides automatically and provides multiple custom functions in the Google Sheets™, e.g.

  • WORKGPT(command, inputCell) a general command for GPT
  • WORKGPT_TRANSLATE(text, language) to translate
  • WORKGPT_REWRITE(text, tone) to rewrite the text
  • WORKGPT_POLISH(text) to polish text
  • WORKGPT_SUMMARIZE(text) to summarize text
  • WORKGPT_FIXGRAMMAR(text) to fix grammar and spelling for the text
  • WORKGPT_FORMAT(text, format) to format text
  • WORKGPT_CLASSIFY(text, categories) to classify the text

Please let us know if any thoughts, feedback or suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:


ChatGPT can be helpful for Google Slides by providing assistance with content creation, generating ideas for presentation templates for Slide Egg like products, offering design suggestions, and answering questions related to your slides, making the presentation creation process more efficient and effective.

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