Usage Limit Reached Even with Free Credits Available & Validity Not Expired

Free trial is showing $2.80 / $5.00 used but I am getting message on the Playground that “You’ve reached your usage limit.” Could someone please guide on how to proceed now?

Look closely on the usage page.

See if you have “expired [date]” on your trial grant line with a date that it already expired. The trial period is three months from account creation.

I’ve noted that my expired trial is simply no longer shown on that page, which may cut down on some user confusion, since the “expired” message was often missed or misinterpreted.

Also, while in a trial, you are limited to three requests per minute - put in a payment method and your rate increases to thousands even while still using the trial.

The expiry date is Nov 1, 2023.

Then it is likely that that the error message you are getting if occasional is from more than three requests per minute - easy to hit if just chatting it up with the AI.

A payment method on file will unlock the rate limit, using the link I provided above, and a payment card where $5 can be authorized.

I have seen the 3 requests / min errors earlier and they have a different message. This time, I am getting the message on the first attempt itself.

Now I have confuse that they have removed the “EXPIRES (UTC)” information from that page, I don’t know the exact expired date for Free trial usage.

Only the pink progress bar tells my free usage is expired.

Yes, it’s rather quite frustrating the changes that were made to the usage page in November…

Not only is the date that your (pink) trial expired on not shown — now even any prepaid credits that you purchase don’t indicate when they’ll expire after a year.