Usage API not generating results

I have been generating Usage reports using the API endpoint but from today(6th Dec 2023), I was not able to get any data from this API. The data part is all blank. Although I could see that my account is consuming tokens.
Here’s the Json it’s generating:

{'object': 'list', 'data': [], 'ft_data': [], 'dalle_api_data': [], 'whisper_api_data': []}

Is there any change on the Usage API or any downtime going on?

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

I think that endpoint has been offline for a while now. It was never a documented service, just one that some found worked and got used.

There have been a few announcements that billing detail levels will be increasing with new updates, but no timeline as yet.

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I further explored that in the Usage console dashboard, the Activity part is totally blank today. Also we are not able to select models:

It would generally show the text models and token usages.