Where is the API history?

Previously, I could see the content for each API call I made, but now when I log in and go to usage, the platform is only showing metrics.

I would like to see the content of each call again. Is there something I need to do to reinstate this feature?

Huh? When was that a thing? Are you talking about the playground?

Nah, this was possible like a few months ago.

Also, I’ve been using OpenAI since 2019, so I am sure this was a feature. I took a break from Gen AI development to tap in with some other stuff for awhile, but now I am back and the platform looks different.

If you are referring to the playground the feature exists when clicking on the three dots (screenshot from mobile):

Thanks! But this feature used to be available in the usage section where you could see content of each call to the API. It would tell you how many tokens and how much the run costed.

My assumption is that with all the new APIs, they simply removed it because it became too much to handle.

But you are not referring to the usage section with cost AND activity?

My apologies for the bad screenshot.



Previously, I was able to see each of the 3 requests and the content within those requests. Now, I am not able to see them. I am just seeing metrics instead.

My last idea what you could be referring to is https://platform.openai.com/threads

But there have been some changes during the last few months with the feature being turned off and back on again.

Yes, you are correct, there use to be much higher level of visibility and transparency, where you could see usage by the hour, then broken down to five-minute increments, to where you could see what a single call consumed for tokens and cost if made alone to a model… no more.

The costs of using assistants: completely unmanaged and out of control.

Solution: when assistants were announced, and the site was switched over on devday, making the usage unaccountable and opaque was a requirement, to let users then discover for themselves after days of use the account-emptying effect of usage.