Unable to view the daily breakdown in the OpenAI API usage section

Previously, I was able to view the specific daily usage details of my account, such as the input token and output token cost consumed by GPT-4 VISION. However, this month, after logging in again, I found that I could no longer see the detailed daily account usage. Additionally, I am unable to view the GPT-4 related API call details in the activity interface. How should I address this bug?

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Try the “activity” tab/toggle/selector/whatever that non-control button is.

Can confirm the usage site is screwed up in a different way: In activity view, the only model I see is davinci (which yes, I did use), while there is no working dropdown of other models and a “search” that doesn’t work.

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I have the same/related problem with getting information about daily API requests and Tokens in ‘Activity’ page. I have blank graphs and nothing related to the model i am using

Reporting seems to be broken. Usage under the activity tab is all blank with no option to select models. I can see daily cost, but not the breakdowns for activity.

Mine is also not functioning. When can we expect a fix?

same problem here, and I can’t find any official announcement saying it will be fixed.

Same here. I can’t see my requests/tokens/activity