Urgent Help Required - Removal of Phone Number from Account

Hi ChatGPT Support Team,

I hope you’re doing well. I’m reaching out because I’m in a bit of a bind and need your urgent assistance.

Here’s what happened: a friend of mine managed to create a ChatGPT account using his email address, but the issue is that he used my phone number for the account verification process. The tricky part is that he deceived me into giving him the mobile verification OTP, which he then used to verify the account with my phone number.

I’m really worried about having my personal information associated with an account I have no control over. Could you please help me remove my phone number from his account and ensure that my information is completely wiped from both the ChatGPT and OpenAI databases?

I value my privacy and security, and this situation has left me feeling quite exposed. I hope you understand the urgency of this matter and can help me resolve it as soon as possible.

Please let me know the necessary steps I should take on my end to facilitate the removal of my phone number. Your prompt assistance in this matter would mean a lot to me.

you can email me at mrrobotmatrixgames@gmail.com

Welcome to the forum!

There is nothing any user of this forum can do to help you.

Your only options are

  1. Delete the account which should delete the info in 30 days. (ref)
  2. Need help? Contact OpenAI Support

Closing this topic.