How do API keys and payments work in a Teams setting?

I have a personal account that I’m considering moving to a Teams account. However, I want to understand how API keyd work after that change.

If I have API keys already assigned to me and I payed and I move to the Team workspace, are those API keys still mine and under my CC? What about if I want to create new ones? Will they be on the CC of the owner of the team plan or is each person in the plan allowed to create their own keys?

I’m trying to avoid two problems: one is the annoying need to constantly go back to the plan owner to put more money for my keys. And the other is that if I put money in my keys, I don’t want others to use them. Yes, I understand that once the key is copied, nobody else will see it so ,technically, I should be the only one eating credits on my keys.



A ChatGPT Plus or Team account is completely separate from the API.
You don’t need any subscription to ChatGPT to use API, and team members there don’t mean anything to API access.

An API organization has its own “invite” system to let other accounts bill their usage to you and use your fine-tune models. They can create an API key and assign the organization to bill, or the API calls can specify the organization.

Inviting a bad actor can be expensive…

Great, that’s what I was looking for. Thanks!