API access failed (showing cloudflare block page)

We have been using OpenAI API successfully for months, but today when we access the page, it shows cloudflare’s block page (below). Our server’s ip is 47.57... Cloudflare Ray ID: 826bc14afc9804d7

Please help! Our users are waiting.


Welcome back.

Unfortunately, we’re a developer forum, and we can do nothing to get you access to your account. You’ll need to contact help.openai.com for support.

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Thank you, Paul. I can’t reach a human support. The bot’s answer does not help. The chat window says “We typically reply within a week”

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I am seeing the same thing with my content moderation endpoints intermittently in production for the last hour or so.

I receive a 403 and then the cloudflare page returned as a response.

If I disable them the requests to chat completion go through okay and no errors are occurring. My only solution right now is to temporarily disable the moderation endpoint check before.

Any advice is appreciated.

Update: its actually occurring on all my OpenAI requests that come from an edge enabled endpoint that originate from the same IP. If the request comes from a different serverless function IP everything is fine. So far I have only seen this issue with one IP.

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I also wait an advice.
I use the API normally yesterday.But this monring,it doesnt wrok.
the error is Attention Required! | Cloudflare.

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all my API endpoints stopped working, not just moderation

Brother, I have tested it and it turns out that the IP is blocked. Just change the IP and it will be fine. I don’t know what server you are deploying on. Many VPS IPs are not working now.

I am using Vercel Edge functions to make my requests so unfortunately I don’t think I have much control over this.

Will wait for input from Open AI what the recommended approach should be for this.

Same problem. Yesterday everything was still fine. Now permission denied error.

Same problem, i am sure the ip is blocked. it’s wroking fine yesterday


I have same problem

Sorry, you have been blocked</h1> <h2 class="cf-subheadline"><span data-translate="unable_to_access">You are unable to access</span> api.openai.com</h2>

and seems the ip got blocked

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Same problem here. IP blocked by openai. Can someone help?
Cloudflare Ray ID: 826d50b5206cc376

If you are getting this error, then some part of the Cloudflare location protection system thinks you are in an unsupported country, either due to a VPS, Proxy or actually being in an unsupported country.


Thanks for the follow up @Foxabilo. Is this the updated list for supported countries (https://platform.openai.com/docs/supported-countries)?

We block access to our application from non-supported countries and I checked with one of our users who is currently having issues and they seem to be located in Vietnam which seems to be supported. I will continue to check with other users.

Is there anything I could recommend them to try? Vercel Edge infrastructure also does not locate themselves in any of the unsupported countries from the documentation they provide.

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cloudflare and api - blocked… what to do ?

There could be some users who are on mobile devices on the edges of cities that border unsupported locations and there are at least some users who are not fully truthful about their location and may be using a VPN… there are also false positives, a combination of those could be your users with issues.

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Same problems this morning. Seems its common problem… Waiting to fix from OPENAI?

I’m encountering an issue with the error message:
‘openai.error.APIError: HTTP code 403 from API’.

This error only occurs on my all Azure machines and not on Google VMs.
It seems like OpenAI’s Cloudflare firewall might be blocking some cloud service providers, including Azure, or regions.

currently my machine not in https://platform.openai.com/docs/supported-countries and last night still working fine.

Did your machine in the listed countries ?


You are right! I overlooked it!

I’ve checked my machines in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US, and only the one in Hong Kong is impacted.

Thanks a lot!

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