Understanding the 40 Messages in 3 Hours Limit on ChatGPT

I’ve been using ChatGPT and came across the limitation of 40 messages within 3 hours. While this policy is understandable, it can be quite frustrating, especially considering the speculation that ChatGPT might be programmed to provide random false answers to reduce processing load by up to 30%. Regardless of these policies, my main concern is about tracking my message count. Is there a way to know how many messages I have left within the 3-hour window? It’s crucial for planning, especially to avoid the situation where I run out of messages right before completing my work, which would result in wasting another 3 hours. Any advice or tips on this would be greatly appreciated.


I would not pay too much attention to such speculation:

But I do agree that it can be tricky at times to work with the limitation of 40 messages and the way how it is implemented.

What we do know is that the three hour window starts with the first message, down to the minute. If I know in advance that I will be using the model later today then I split the time until work starts into three hour intervals and send a message about 1.5 hours before I want to start working. Then when I start working there are 39 messages left in the budget before getting the reset to 0. Practically this allows for 79 messages in 4.5 hours.

I used to wake up, send a message, get the day rolling and then start working with the remaining messages. But actually what’s even more simple is to use the playground.

Hope this helps!

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It’s insane that they’ve done this. I switched to Google Bard. Are they trying to make people switch to competitors? I find the reduction absolutely disgusting. Together with Network Errors and faulty AND lazy errors, there is no use for actual development. It came at the exact right time because with the business we’re choosing an AI for development and for my friends I was about to buy them payed accounts to try it out.

Why are you testing on PAYING members??? And why would you significantly reduce the quality of the product?
Greed, greed, greed. They are testing to see what they can get away with. Prove me wrong.


I left to bard too(now gemini).Lets see if they react to google calling the shots again.

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Was the message limit cut to 20 recently? This makes the platform much less useful for things like coding or image generation.

There was no limit cut!
“User limits may applay”
Now AI algoritam decides how valuable is your questions and his anwser so now you get from 10 anwsers par 24h or unlimited no caps acess both for 20$ you can cry here like a baby but even AI do not read this so stop liying to your self. You are adduicted, even if they increase price to 100$ and decrease limit to 1 per day you will be unable to swich or go away. Pure adiction, and they are so good in it :slight_smile:

Nuh uh it’ll fell off like that