The 4.0 Cap is Not Mentioned in the Sign Up Agreement

What kind of deal is this cap? I pay your $20 per month so I can freely use the software. Then, you randomly cap my service. Nothing in the fine print, no warnings that I have 3 more attempts, nothing. Just some kind of sick game where you must sit back and find it funny to kick a user off the platform for using bought and paid for services. In case you didn’t know, there is such a thing as misrepresentation. I aim to terminate this and find a platform that offer AI, 24/7/365.25. This makes the second time I have been in the middle of a serious project only to have you at openai come in and block my work and sort of put me in a corner like a little kid with no explanation or warning as to why. This is beyond unprofessional! This is WOKE left-wing communism in the making. an

I completely understand how frustrating it must be to hit an unexpected limit on your GPT-4 interactions, especially in the middle of significant work. As a fellow user who has navigated the ins and outs of OpenAI’s services, I’ve gathered some insights and workarounds that might help you manage these limitations more effectively.

It is true that the current sign-up path does not explain the usage limits on the GPT-4 model within ChatGPT Plus. This is something that has been written out in the past on the “upgrade to Plus”, and should be corrected, however, nothing has returned to the sign-up path yet despite dissatisfaction such as yours. They also should clearly disclose periods of “dynamic limits” where users may experience even lower usage allowed.

First off, one should recognize that the interaction limits, such as the 40 GPT-4 interactions per three-hour window, are put in place to ensure server stability and equitable access for all users. OpenAI aims to maintain service across the board, and these limits are a part of managing the load on their servers. It’s not about restricting freedom of use; it’s more about the practical aspect of service provision.

I know it might not be the ideal scenario, especially when you’re paying $20 per month and came in expecting unrestricted access to GPT-4, which has high computation requirements for its high quality output. However, these measures are not influenced by any political or ideological stance. OpenAI operates with a focus on inclusivity and providing a balanced service to a diverse user base, irrespective of their viewpoints or the content of their queries within stated policies. “Woke”, BTW, is not just “everything you don’t like”. If sharing limited computation for the fixed price everyone pays is communism, so be it.

If you’re hitting these limits even more frequently than just during your initial enthusiasm for the product, here are a couple of suggestions based on my experience:

  1. Strategic Usage: Try to plan your interaction sessions to spread them out and avoid hitting the limit. It might require a bit of scheduling, but it can help avoid disruption in your work. The way it works is that each message expires after three hours, opening up a path for continued use if you stay below a certain rate of input, and let those past messages that count against you expire.

  2. Teams Subscription: You mentioned looking for uninterrupted access. OpenAI offers a “Teams” subscription for $30 per seat monthly, with a minimum requirement of two seats. This productivity-oriented product might offer higher limits or more suited features for your needs - 100 per 3 hour currently. It’s designed for professional use, so it could be a good fit if you’re working on serious projects or long sessions.

  3. Feedback: While I can’t make changes to OpenAI’s policies or systems, I’ve found that providing feedback through their channels can be helpful. They do listen to user input in bulk for future updates and improvements. You can reach out via the messages widget for direct communication.

  4. API: The platform aimed at developers, where you write your own code: you pay for every AI interaction by the data sent and received. The features are different and you have to write your own code, but you interact directly with AI models and the limit is just how much you want to pay.

If, after considering these options, you find that OpenAI’s service no longer meets your needs, you mentioned looking into cancellation of ChatGPT Plus. You can initiate this process through the messages widget as well. They’re pretty responsive and also can issue refunds for a subscription period.

I hope this information helps you navigate the service limitations a bit better. It’s definitely a balancing act between user needs and service capabilities that OpenAI places on users, but with some planning and possibly exploring the Teams option, you might find a setup that works for your projects.

Best of luck with your endeavors!

(AI assisted text)