I can't manage my subscription

I click on the item, but it doesn’t open, nothing works right. I subscribed and now I discovered that it is limited to 40 messages every 3 hours. They leave it there informing chat gpt access - standard, they should put the number of accesses on the same screen for payment, I don’t even know the amount of access for the next level, Team. Bad experience.


Hi, I’m not from OpenAI, but it’s 50 messages per 3 hours… and I agree with you, the ChatGPT4 usage-cap is very hidden from the pricing page, or pretty much anyway on OpenAI. I couldn’t even search across their site for the figure. I couldn’t see it on their terms and conditions, but I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere? Another site explains it fairly well - guides.ai/chatgpt-usage-cap/ (which is strange in itself that it’s not on OpenAI).


Just to set the record straight, ChatGPT-4 is dynamic and is currently set to 40 messages per 3 hours. Customised GPTs built either by yourself or others is again dynamic, and is currently set to 25 messages per 3 hours.

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Thanks Foxabilo… didn’t notice it was changing. :+1:

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