Unable to save GPT after loading many knowledge files

I’m unable to save my GPT after spending the evening organizing and renaming documents in order to organize my prompts in accordance with the files.

There are probably 100-150 files. I constantly get the error “draft not saved”, and I cannot click to save it.

It appears that it saved at a point after 9 files were uploaded, but has not saved since after all that work. I also had to batch upload in chunks at a time.

All the files appear to be loaded in the platform, but it will not save

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I have the same issue. I can get to 10 total knowledge articles. It also errors out when I ask how many knowledge articles I can upload.

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I can never save. My save button seems to be permanently disabled. I see lots of “can’t save” error messages as I interact with the builder.


For me, I make changes to the GPT save it test it and then later on it reverts back to previous version. It appears it’s not saving it properly.

I have the same issue, it seems to block after 10 files, didn’t see any limit so far?

I was able to replicate this error. The API has a limit of 10 files but it is not disclosed. Here is the response from the API:

{“detail”:“Cannot upload more than 10 files”}

If people would just open the browser dev console, it is spitting out the error anytime you upload a file IF you already have 10 files uploaded succesfully. It will wait until the file is fully uploaded and then in the console gives:
‘Uncaught (in promise) FatalServerError: Cannot upload more than 10 files’

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100 agree. Open the web development tool in your browser.

So any answers that will fix the error of GPT not saving or do I need to delete and start again?