Unable to Log in to ChatGPT App on S23 Ultra (China) with Android 14 - Need Assistance


I am unable to log in to the ChatGPT app on my Samsung S23 Ultra, which is the China version. My phone is running Android 14 and has the latest version of the Google Play Store installed. I keep receiving an error message that says, ‘Something went wrong. Please make sure your device has the latest version of the Google Play Store.’ (Error code: 85a14e0e-8f86-4040-bdd0-4a9faaa50f7e, (-9)).

Could you please guide me on how to resolve this issue and log in successfully? Thank you.

Same problem. S22 Ultra from china.

I managed to fix this! This is because you do not have the latest version of Google Play Store or it can not renew itself automatically (even it says itself is up to date). What we need to do is to just download a new version Google play apk and install it. (My current play store version: 41.0.28-23)

Thank you for your help. I’ve got it under control.