Unable to load site CHATGPT


Since two days ago I have had this problem:

“Unable to load site
Please try again later. If you are using a VPN, try turning it off. Check the status page for information on outages.”

Right now I’m in China, but I used chatgpt with VPN for more than one month without any problem.

What can I do to solve this problem?

Thank you.

Hello, ChatGPT is currently banned in China. Using a VPN as a workaround to bypass it is a breach of OpenAI’s TOS. It seems that it detected you were using a VPN and shut off your connection.

Thank you very much for the information.
Actually I’m using the same VPN on my android device, and it works.
Using it on my mobile phone is not user-friendly since I have to send everything on my laptop, but at least I can use it.

Thank you again for the info!

Just to be clear, it is not “banned in China” it is you guys “banned China” due to political pressure which remind me exactly of the Chinese “cultural revolution” dated back to 1960. No offense at all, but please be clear it is who banned who.

Imagine, I’m also a chatgpt plus member, but there is no way to benefit from a premium account… It’s such a no sense imho…

So, How to solve?
I had the same problem

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I traveled back to Asia and now in China. Before chat.openai dot com was migrated to chatgpt dot com, it had been ok to access it with VPN in China (for Plus members). Now I can login to platform.openai dot com but can’t login to chat.openai dot com (it links/jumps to chatgpt dot com), no matter what you do: change browsers, change locations, change computers, etc.).

Anyone tried and succeeded to access chatgpt dot com in China?

It seems that OpenAI dot com has no customer service at all: can’t find their email address and phone number. I wanted to cancel my plus membership, but nowhere I can do it. I’m considering calling my bank to cancel my bank debit card in order to block further membership payment. It is frustrating. Does anyone come across the same?


The system language has already been set to English (before having this issue)

Bro, did you find a solution? It’s been a problem for over a month

Actually, I went back to Europe, and now it’s working…